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Titre : Back to Jaffna
ISBN: 9798452529316
12,7 x 20,32
148 pages
Language: English(US)

Back to Jaffna is Lunna journey. A woman with determination, in search of a man she knows only through his literature. It is also a social and human adventure and, a singular, intimate and frank country depiction: Sri Lanka.
Lunna Kacew become responsible for the French Alliances while Sri Lanka is still in civil war for now several decades. A period of cease-fire and peace talks crops up. Lunna's commitment led her to cross this territory to discover Jaffna, a city that is partly destroyed. On the traces of French culture, she searches for links and survivors. A relationship of esteem and honor, perhaps of love, leads her to find Sandana Poninbalham, former head of the French Alliance in Jaffna. He left, before his disappearance, photos, letters and very endearing literary texts.

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