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Titre : Sand Squeaks
In this book, sand grains squeal, spinning in the wind, and recompose themselves to write new stories. The desert is an unfinished book. A kind of palimpsest, this old parchment that one had to scratch to write a new text.
Words, sand and emotions, to dare new adventures, illuminated by hope and love. I wrote Sand Squeaks to treat with delicacy the hard and complex themes that we go through today.

Thirteen short stories. It begins with a shovelful of fine grains: ordinary and touching scenes of oasis life with the short stories Tamat, The Argan Tree and Bolero. Then sand flows and crystallizes. The conflicts of civilization and culture appear with the stories Oasis and Before the sea. And the wind still blows in the desert and also carries the death, it is the Blue Jerboa. Farther on, the sand banks and the giant slabs of fossils trap the men: it is The Bald Ibises and terrorism. From the sky, clouds full of mineral dust melt on the city with their breath of torment: it is Khadija and modern slavery. After the storm, we hear the desert fauna waking up: follows a fable on political discourse with The Twittering Warblers. Still prisoners of the arid immensity, men flee misery: it is Moussa and immigration. Blinded by their idols and their masters, they massacre each other: it is Call of Duty. History and knowledge promised to the nothingness are saved from the ignominy: it is Yéya. The book closes on an opaque misfortune where man is stuck, with: I am.