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Titre : Sand Tales
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Cet ouvrage est la traduction d'Histoires de sable réalisée par Christine Scott-Fox.

This is a collection of eleven short stories, whose common theme is the sand or the desert.
The first two: Tamat and The Argan Tree, present us ordinary and touching representations of oasis life, followed by two others: Oasis and Before the Sea, in which scenes reminiscent of everyday life are affected by the conflict of civilisations and cultures. Our journey then takes us from the desert to the heart of the modern world and its scourges: nuclear issues and colonialism with The Blue Jerboa; terrorism with The Bald Ibises. These are followed by The Twittering Warblers, a fable on political discourse. Modern slavery is also evoked in Khadija, as is immigration in Moussa, and 21st century barbarity with Call of Duty. The book ends with Bolero, a more personal and lyrical narrative.